Saturday, March 22, 2014

LEAF Battery Modules - Charging faster with a bigger Charger, to 4.1V this time ....

After fully discharging the AESC / Nissan LEAF 3-Module Pack this week, I charged them again, this time using an older LiFePO4 24V Charger, putting out 300W or so

Charging is 3 times faster this way

Also added a DC breaker in the middle of the pack for safety

This time, I charged them up to 41.V per half module
Everything is fine : No heat, no half module voltage going up crazy ...

1.4 kWh used for charging up to 4.1V

After this, I discharged, charged, recharged, discharged, and loosing count now ...

New step: Charge to 4.2V per half module 


  1. Good day.

    I am from the Philippines and I wanted to order this kind of battery pack.. I was informed by the seller that I contacted however that he could not ship this kind of battery to me via USPS and the other options are too expensive. Can you please provide me the info and contact details of your seller? My email is Thank you.

    1. Hi Angelito, they came from and were shipped via usps 2 by 2 but arrived a bit damaged
      And that why they won't do this again ...

    2. In terms of where to buy these modules, would you say they're still the best place?


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