Saturday, March 29, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - March 21, 2014

- New CALB LiFePo4 battery lineup announced
- Bottom balancing of the Better Place battery pack
- We show the Hauber Siemens Twins dual AC motor

The very long process of Bottom Balancing, especially with this big 48 modules pack ...
But it is worth it and has to be performed only once
I did the same with 3 modules and it took me roughly a week ...

New CALB LiFePo4 battery lineup announced: A much smaller format and a great improvement in Energy Density !

Jack ordered two boats to convert to Electric: this one and the same as Anne Kloppenborg just built in Amsterdam

EVtv Europe: Anne Kloppenborg shows the 818 build latest step

Good new on the prop problem on the Delta: Now it really flies !

Jehu Garcia takes us to another Californian VW Show

A fully Electric airplane

EV West shipped back the twin Siemens AC Motors to EVtv

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