Sunday, March 2, 2014

EVs allowed in the Bus Lane in Paris !

Yesterday, stuck in traffic with the LEAF, I decided to use the bus lane on a small portion of boulevard Sebastopol in Paris ... I usually never do this since I got caught by a camera several years ago with the Prius and discovered the automated ticket sent to my home and  90 EUR fee to pay :-(

I heard about EVs getting access to the bus lane which is a political decision that should be taken soon by the new major of Paris, Anne Hidalgo - at least she promised this during her campaign which is taking place right now -

Pulled over by a police officer waiting at the next red light :-( I thought "that's it, I am getting a ticket, and now I heard it is 135 EUR ! -; So I tried to play dumb, and said right away "I am driving an EV, I am allowed in the bus lane", twice

She then checked my driver's license and registration, everything was in order, and told me: "Mister, you don't have to tell me you are driving an EV, I can stop whoever I want, for a routine check", and added "Yes, as a non polluting vehicle, you are allowed in the Bus Lane" :-)

I was amazed at what I just heard, from the mouth of a Police Officer !
So I learned right there that I can use the Bus Lane, at least in Paris :-)
This is great news I think  !  :-)

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