Monday, March 3, 2014

A French guy is converting his Vectrix using LEAF Battery Modules

Last night I received an email from a thread update on a French Vectrix forum on Lithium conversions, and noticed that a guy is starting a conversion using LEAF modules !

The good news it that it is a perfect fit (!) for these modules, 19 of them, which leads to 144V hooked in series, the original voltage of the NiMH pack ....

These modules are getting more and more popular and are starting to be available from different places, were cited yesterday too in EVtv where Jack Rickard received 72 Renault Fluence battery packs from the Better Place liquidation in Israel, made of 48 modules like in the LEAF, for 24kWh ... and priced at 3,600USD this week: "Lithium at the price of Lead" (!)

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