Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Visit at the brand New Tesla Store Paris !

After seeing this last night tweet from TeslaMotors, I decided to go see this

I remember going few times to their previous Tesla Store in Paris, Avenue Kleber, near Trocadero, but after they closed in september, I was wondering when they would finally re-open, and where ...

Well I got the answer, so we went this afternoon

in a brand new street (not in our GPS), in an old industrial area

the Tesla Store Paris ! (and Shop)

One of the 2 demo Model S taking people for test drives (25-30mn including freeway nearby)

Second one

Let's go inside

a Fisker Karma in the parking lot

Everything is brand new, with still some wiring being finish in the ceiling as we were there

Everything smells new

The Shop is visible from the Store, by a window near the "lounge" area

Wow ! Pretty amazing

We will have to come back next saturday for a test drive because it is was packed

Over hearing a conversation, I learned that the next - and first - SuperCharger locations for France would be Auxerre, Macon, Valence on the way from Paris to Marseille

At least there was a Model S in which we could seat and enjoy this beautiful car

It feels very luxurious to me, very well made

Very well seated in the back seats, lots of leg room and even the the middle seat is fine

I think Clement likes it already; He quickly found his favorite radio station

The "frunk"

"Cut here"

The trunk is bigger than I thought

But wait, there's more !

Clement in the trunk (his specialty now), Bjorn style ;-)

We could go into the Shop and see all these Model S closer, along with the brand new equipments: Lifts, Charging Stations, EVSE, 3-phase AC

All outlets & plugs in the shop were big and red, which means they are 3-phase; The other side of this wall mounted EVSE is of course a Mennekes plug, Tesla's choice for Europe

This Model is from the Netherlands

Brand new lifts for the shop

Brown version

3-phase AC outlets and Mennekes Type 2 for Europe

=> Fast Charging at 43kW

Keep it simple, and small

P85+, what else ?

Beautiful in Dark Blue ! my favorite, so classy

and Creme leather seats ... a good match


Nice line up

TESLA Dutch Model S, charging ...

outside ...

Many brand new commercial buildings in the area of Gennevilliers, like Saint Ouen across La Seine)

Bye for now Tesla, it was hard to get back in the LEAF after this long visit ...

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