Sunday, February 9, 2014

LiFePO4 Charge Controller - New Enclosure, fits 2 Kilovacs and a Voltmeter & More items in stock for the DIYE SS

Last week end, I got a new waterproof enclosure for the my new DIY LiFePO4 Charge Controller Project

With this new waterproof electric junction box, higher, I can fit the 2 Tyco Kilovac  EV200AAANA Contactor, the digital programmable Voltmeter, and maybe few diodes ...

More stuff I got for the DIY ESS Kit #2 : AC breakers both for Europe, and US

More AC twin breaker enclosures for the Kit are in stock now; I have almost everything need for 5 complete DIY ESS Kit #2 Control Boards

I had also received some more smaller diodes for my next LiFePO4 Charge Controller project, and my dad measured them with me ....

Some of them were only working on one side, so not at all ... (defective ?)

I got this lot of 6 from Portugal for very low price, so it does not matter too much, just trying things for now; Here is the specification for this

I ordered it because it looked like what Jack Rickard is adding on top of the DC-DC Converters he is selling in his online store

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