Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let's test this New J1772 Extension Cable to Charge our LEAF at an Autolib Station

Now that we have received this J1772 Extension Cable, we took it down to the parking to put it in the LEAF trunk, its new home ...

Any volunteer ? Yes, Clément :-)
He was coming to the Tesla Store with me anyways

When we got there, I thought, let's try it right here, between our wall mounted EVSE, and the LEAF => works like a charm :-)

and charges the LEAF - after turning OFF the charge program -

Remember my wall mounted second original EVSE, well it has been charging our LEAF for almost 2.5 years now ...

Clement filming his dad's experiments

Close up on the J1772 plug - extension -

On the ground, the EVSE 1772 plug is simply plugged into the J1772 extension inlet

Let's go to the Tesla Store ! 

Back in Paris, the Tesla Store is actually in Gennevilliers, close to Saint Ouen where I used to work, outside Paris, but in the relatively close suburb

So here we are, at one of our favorite charging locations, in Marais, behind Hotel de Ville, and one spot out of two is taken by a Renault Twizy, the other one, by a Bluecar / Autolib

Twizy and its telephone curled up blue cord

What is it doing here ??! ICEd by an Autolib - Take 2, not the first time -

Guess what, we just had to go 2 spots ahead and parked at the Autolib station :-), not a problem anymore with our new cable !

This cable is just perfect :-)

Locked up

Autolib charge cable extended

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