Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LEAF Charging at Autolib Stations - I finally ordered a J1772 extensioncable from

After looking for 2 weeks, I finally went back to my first idea and ordered a J1772 Extension Cable, from

Made by a person building EVs, attending Jack Rickard's EVCCON, it should be good

It looks like a quality strong build, with good components and these are not cheap: the plug, outlet, cable rated for 30A ...

Measures 22 feet long, 22 x 30cm = 6.6m, perfect from the end of the LEAF to the front charge port, and has the J1772 hole for the padlock (perfect)

I will plug the Autolib J1772 plug into one end and plug the other end into the LEAF charge port, with one padlock on each, nobody is going to unplug me now !  :-)

Here is the invoice

Not cheap, but in Euros it comes to right under 290, and it is about the only spending I had for the LEAF in 2 years of use, so it's OK

Here is the direct: link

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