Sunday, February 23, 2014

LEAF Battery Modules arrived from the US !

Ordered 10 days ago, 2 of the 4 LEAF Battery Modules arrived from the US, and I am very exited and happy to share this :-)

If you recall, Jack Rickard, on his EVtv January10th, 2014 show, unveiled a purchase of these same modules from a US based company, selling individual modules, used or new

The key figures of these modules compared to CALB LiFePO4 cells: 
 - Half price 
- 1/3 more Energy Density (= more energy in less weight and space)

So I immediately thought that they could be an interesting evolution for my Energy Storage System, the DIY ESS 

At the time I ordered, there were no more used ones, so I go the new ones  

I went to the post office to get these two packets, with my daughter

USPS Flat rate box holds two modules

Well packed with dense foam, here the are

Unfortunately, some corners got damaged and I was a bit concerned at first seeing this

Oops ..

Very first voltage check: 7.6V = 3.8V + 3.8V (4 pouch cells: 2 in Series, 2 in Parallel)

Others damages, to the back of the module also, but not much

There I started looking at how the pouch cells are arranged inside the modules, and if the impacts could have damaged the pouches ...

So, are these going to be a good fit inside the DIY ESS ?

Well, this looks good to me

And I should be able, if it all works out, to arrange two stacks of modules, side by side, in the battery section of the ESS, to the right

Finally I found this cutaway picture of the module, provided by Nissan, showing that at least the rear impacts into the module metal corners should not touch the pouches

The front one, should be fine too, because there is a hard black plastic protective shell

another back view

Front terminals: 7.6V between the two main ones, 3.8V between each main terminal and the center one; I also found out that only the copper part is conductive, not the the internal thread

Here they are now, downstairs, away from the kids ...

Stay tuned ... there are two more coming monday or tuesday, and I hope they will be fine ...

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