Sunday, February 9, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - Friday January 31, 2014

- NEW PROJECT - 1990 VW DoppleKabine DOKA Vanagon Crew Cab Pickup Truck.
- Jehu's 21 Window SAMBA Bus rolls on laptop batteries.
- Otmar ponders front end geometry as part of Tesla Model S Organ Transplant to Stretched Vanagon Westfalia Camper.
- GEVCU4 ships.
- Watermelons do NOT make good fuses, even if Gallagher thinks they should.

Welcome to VW TV :-)

Tesla Model S official team crosses the US from LA to NYC in 76 hours using Superchargers only

The last VW Transporter gets out of VW plant in Mexico

The very First Electric Porsche has been discovered recently

now in Porsche Museum in Stuttgart , next to the factory

A little sip later ...

Jehu and his DIY Battery Pack

Otmar and his Strechla project ... First he has to get the Model S working and this is going to cost few thousands ...

Jack purchased this VW DOKA - Double Cabin - Transporter from Otmar


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