Sunday, February 23, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - February 14, 2014

- Alibaba and the Chinese student.
- Pierburg water pump.
- Karman Ghia electric rust update.
- Samba rolls on 18650 battery module.
- EVTV Europe crashes Tesla party in Amsterdam.

Model S fire - unplugged -

Internal Combustion : a book recommended by Jack

3 hyper hot towers !

Karmann Ghia update : more rust !

Jehu  unveils his efforts in the process of making his weekly video updates

The water pump from Azure Dynamics is made by Pierburg, a German company - I worked for them in 1999 -, and it s design seems to be very good. They sold 1 Million of them already !

EVtv Europe was not invited but attended the meeting with Elon Musk and JB Straubel in Amsterdam

and Anne Kloppenborg met Vincent Everts at this event

Meeting with Vincent Everts: LEAF, and now Tesla owner

Still waiting for parts, in transit ...

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