Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Charging the LEAF at an Autolib Station - Take 3

Last saturday, with my son, we did charge the LEAF at an Autolib Charging Station in La Defense ...

It is finally plugged in and charging after a few problems with the charging program I forgot to override before plugging in the J1772, so I had to unplug, charge timer off,  and replug

Of course we know that this is forbidden: we are using 2 charging spots here; one to park, and the one upfront because we plug into its charge port

About the Blue color code: it was green before we plugged in, and became Blue right after, so this Blue ALSO means: Third Party EV using the spot, not only spot booked 

Again, this spot configuration is very tight for the LEAF, and it was kind of difficult to get in without touching the charge ports, because we had to climb on a sidewalk to get in ....

A Model S would not fit at all, don't try :-)

I did not touch thanks to the backup camera

First text message from Autolib billing me for 20mn of charge (that is the minimum even if you charge few seconds) :-(

We are charging

thee was a beautiful sky ...

I used to work in this tower in the back

A little shopping for breakers for the DIY ESS Kit #2

I wanted to find the exact same enclosure, small, to fit on the Control Board

Back at the car, as soon as I unplugged I got an text message from Autolib: 83cts for almost and hour, kind of cheap for a 3kW charge :-)

And on their iPhone app, I can now see the invoices for these lats two charges

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