Sunday, January 19, 2014

This is why I will not use SSR Solid State Relays instead of Tyco Kilovac contactors

Shopping for components for my DIY ESS Kit #2, I started to look into SSR - Solid State Relays - to maybe replace the expensive Tyco Kilovac contactors, one of the most pricy item in my build, and I need 2 of them for each kit ...

Looking on eBay I found a lot ...

Also I found this interesting video a a SSR maker, explaining how you have to install it:

I discovered that you need to heat sink it because it will use so much power ! In the video it says the SSR is wasting 1W per Amp of current passing through it: this is huge

Unless you want to create heat, I do not see any good reason to use this; The Kilovac EV200AAANA from Tyco uses only 1.7W when the contact is closed, and for whatever amount of current passing through this contact, and it can be a lot !

So I guess I will keep using Kilovac for my build :
It is an investment but a good one for safety - reliable cut off - and efficiency - 1.7W used only -

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