Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Marseille to Paris road trip with a Tesla Model S in one day

First trip from Marseille to Paris in a Tesla Model S with James Morlaix, head of from Tesla Motors Club France, accomplished in one day ...

"Embarquez à bord de la Tesla Model S pour le premier Marseille Paris en une journée avec un véhicule de série 100 % électrique. Un record réalisé avec James du club Tesla Motors France"

Departure in front of Marseille's cityhall, next to the famous harbor

James Morlaix, head of Tesla Motors Club in France, in his own Model S

Maxime Fontanier (filming and talking)

Arriving in Lyon, half way after 4 hours or driving between 90 and 110km

Parking next to a DBT CEV CHAdeMO / AC fast charging station (offered by Nissan)

SuperChargers are coming in 2014 for France and there will be some on the road from Marseille to Paris, through Lyon, for sure; They will make the journey much faster

Leaving Lyon

Music on

Paris Ring / Peripherique

Ooops 0km range

and finally found the new Parisian Fast Charging Station installed in a BP gas station

Filmed by Maxime Fontanier from Max Reportage

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