Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Charge of the LEAF at an Autolib Station in Paris

Yesterday, after getting this new RFid Badge from Autolib to charge the LEAF, we went for Japanese lunch, and instead of parking in the regular underground parking, parked an Autolib station right next to it, since one spot was opened ...

I swipped the RFid badge, the lid blinked green, and I opened it

Guess what, the J1772 Yazaki charge cable is too short to go all the way to the front of the LEAF to access the charge port .... bummer ! - I actually knew this already - but here is a picture with my son showing the maximum length ...

As you probably know, the charge port on a BlueCar is located at the rear of the car to the right, next to the charge station lid

The solution would be to buy a Type 3 to Type 1 cable, unplug the one in the charge station, and plug mine; Problem: this kind of cable is not at all cheap ...

Also, the LEAF is a tight fit in an Autolib spot, it is just the right length, but a Model S would never fit there ....   ;-)

Finally I could never figure out if my badge started a Charge and since I did not use any power I guess it never started counting anything
My Autolib iPhone App shows no charges at all, just like nothing ever happened ...

Later on after lunch we went in Marais and plugged right behind the City hall as usual
Surprise: A white Vectrix was there, parked on the sidewalk, charging ... this is rare enough to take a picture

Charging full blast at 10.5A x 143V = 1,500W

Funny thing: he left his helmet there, passing the charging cable through it

Vectrix and LEAF charging together

LEAF with Autolib charging

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