Friday, January 24, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - January 10, 2014 - LEAF Battery Modules in the Lab !!

- Nissan Leaf battery module introduction
- Factory Five 818 build at EVtv Europe in Amsterdam
- Jehu Garcia 18650 cell examinations for the Samba Electric VW Bus
- Karman Ghia progress
- Cadillac Escalade heater issues 

This is going to be Awesome ! Jack is now "playing" with used battery module from the Nissan LEAF ! They retail for 120USD on eBay right now. He says that they are lighter, more energy dense, and even cheaper than the CALB cells ...
Stay tuned for the Charge and Discharge tests to see how to use them with no BMS as usual ...

Anne on the Factory Five 818 build

GEVCU 4 wire harness

30 units arrived at EVtv

Jehu and his thousands of cells recycling

Brian on the Karmann Ghia progress

Another JLD meter for Temperature Control

Cadillac Escalade Heating System - Take 4 ? Getting ready for summer :-)

EV Catalogue edited by EVtv

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