Sunday, January 5, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - December 20, 2013

- Update on Electric Samba Bus.
- Otmar's stretch Vanagon/Tesla Model S. 
- Factory Five Racing 818 Electric Build. 
- GEVCU Wireless Solved. 
- New battery chemistries coming.

Tesla Model S fire caused by a over current setting in the EVSE; The house/garage wiring did not like it for an extended period of time

Jehu recaps his VW Samba project

EVtv Europe - New Electric Amsterdam receives a Kit Car called 818s from US Factory Five

A new EVSE on a DIN rail

Coming charging network all over the Netherlands

Eric Kriss new Classic Jaguar conversion project

Correction : Quick Detach Bushing (Quick DB) is the right name for Tapper Lock

Battery Factory tour at RevoElectric

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