Saturday, January 18, 2014

Autolib - Just Registered for Third Party EV charging

Last night, I passed by an Autolib station in Boulogne to register and get a new RFID badge to be able to charge the LEAF on any Autolib charging spot in Paris and surroundings

5 minutes later, I got it printed by the remote operator who scanned the LEAF registration (remotely too): It says Recharge AUTO this time - I previously got one for the Vectrix and it was saying 2 ROUES or 2 Wheels almost 2 years ago -

As told, I passed my brand new RFID badge in front of the Autolib main console and unlocked it typing a PIN number I chose during registration

Tht's it, ready to go and charge almost anywhere :-) !

The rates have changed and lowered a lot since last time I looked: It is only 15 EUR for registration (once only, renewal is free every year) and 1 EUR only per hour of charge on a Third Party charge spot or a Regular Autolib charge spot. At night , the rate is blocked to 4 EUR maximum to let people charge for a fixed rate at night between 8PM and 8AM ! Awesome !

It used to be 180 EUR per year plus 3 or 4 EUR per hour of charge, I don't remember exactly, but I did not want to pay for all this at that time

These new rates will, I think, encourage new EV purchase for people who can not charge them at home and are certainly part a of a new political will to increase the number of EVs in Paris.

More info on Autolib website :

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