Saturday, December 14, 2013

We went to see this new Fast Charging Station in Paris

After the opening of this new Fast Charging Station inside Paris on monday, I said we would go check it out, and we passed by this afternoon 

Behind the Tram is ...

this BP gas station with a Fast Charging Station, can you see it ?

A young couple was already there charging their Zoe and the guy got out to tell me that it was not possible to charge two cars together ... oops, anyways I was not there to charge but just take pictures

Gas prices ... should make more people think about switching ... don't you think ?

It was written on the DBT CEV charging station that you have to go to the cashier before doing anything, probably to request an RFid badge to be able to activate the station, and pay 5 EUR if you do not a LEAF, the station being offered by Nissan ...

Thank you Nissan !

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