Saturday, December 7, 2013

DIY ESS - Pairing a Second Transmitter on a Wattson

I thought about this maybe a year ago and was not sure it could be done until I read more about Wattson and its capabilities: It can get signals from up to 10 (!) Transmitters

The idea here is to send Generation Power from different locations:
- First, the generation info from the Solar Installation
- Second, the DIY ESS - Energy Storage System - output generation
These two add up automatically as long as they are paired to the same Wattson display unit... => Cool !

On the pictures, you recognize the white Wattson that is already paired to my Solar Installation + ESS (off at this moment)
To be able to compare values, I brought the Silver Wattson upstairs;  It is showing Solar generation only
After pairing the second Transmitter you can see on the floor here, and plugging in a clamp/CT into the generation inlet of the Transmitter, this new "Generation" adds up to the Solar Generation, meaning we can now have a clamp + additional Transmitter directly in the DIY ESS to measure the ESS only Generation and no additional outlet to install in the Solar sub-panel / junction box - like I did with my Solar contractor -

Using Generation inlet only

For testing purpose here I am measuring a small load from few lamps - LED of course -, from my home made Easyfit Y Cable from few weeks ago

On the left, the white Wattson adds up the 2 Generation signals it receives from the 2 Transmitters,  and on the right, the Silver Wattson displays the Solar Generation only

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