Sunday, November 17, 2013

Resetting the Average Usage on a Wattson Energy Monitor

After my experimenting with a Wattson to make it work for US & Canada split phase consumer units, and the DIY Easyfit Y Cable, I had the Usage go up to 37.8kW (!!) and I guess this is the reason why this Wattson was always glowing Blue, never Purple, neither Red - Green of course was working when Negative -

In my search for console codes to change the Voltage setting using the Wattson Settings application, I found this note from Energeno explaining how to change the the Average Usage on a Wattson unit:

Based on my  daily usage displayed on Wattson Anywhere portal the day before, 

I reset it to an average usage of 1000W, using the command nowA00250 and the Wattson immediatly answered back with A00250, meaning it is now registered

Right after that, it was glowing purple, like the other one which is plugged into my DIY ESS :-)


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