Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ikea Fast Charging & Swedish Meat Balls Lunch

Last thursday, I went to IKEA for a little shopping and also a DC Fast Charge, few kilometers away from work during lunch break

6 bars / 12 : roughly half state of charge - SOC -

A woman interested in Fast Charging :-)
Actually I got many people looking at me parking on this spot and commenting: "This must be an Electric Car ..." and think it requires this huge Charging Station to fill up ...

CHAdeMO Yazaki Connector in place

Starting the Charge at 55%

Charge begins and it says: Voltage: 390V, Current 90A

Plugged in, Charging, in the sun, I am going in to eat something now !

IKEA's Special: Swedish Meat Balls and French Fries :-) not bad

LEAF Link App says 80% state of Charge is already reach while I am still in the middle of my lunch 

Swedish life style ... gotta love it  !

I went there to get table feet : 4 x 2.5 EUR per piece, a bargain

I know these ... I use one of them for my DIY ESS, the older grey version; Now they are available in Red and White only, but you can still find used older version in grey ...  

Install your ESS in it and put your TV on top !

After getting 4 iron table feet for 10 bucks (EUR), I finally got out of IKEA ...

Charge is over: 98% SOC, it took 60mn, 11.3kWh used

100% charge !

BTW, right next to the DBT Charging Station spot is the Autolib Charging Spot, and a Renault ZOE was parked there, charging, using its own cable

Type 2 / Mennekes connector into the ZOE

Type 3 plug, used only in France ... not for long anymore, Type 2 is now adopted by us too ...
Notice that IKEA / Autolib Charging Stations include the Scooter 220V Regular Outlet, so I could slow charge there too ... if I had the Autolib EV card - 180 EUR / Year, 15 EUR / Month -

The next, I went back there with my son to show him my work location and office building nearby and get some stainless steel wall covers for the kitchen and some Swedish crepes ...
A liitle comment to DBT CEV fast charging station maker: we can not see links between the screen and the buttons when in the dark ... 
Other than that, we got a 80% charge very quickly and a spot right in front of he entrance while raining a lot 

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