Sunday, November 17, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - November 8, 2013

- Inverters for house power.
- Karman Ghia running gear and battery box.
- Electric Samba Bus charging relays.
- Battery woes in the low countries.

Mexican Cola !

China, air pollution and Electric Cars

New Electric works on a Beetle Conversion re-work

The Delta gets a new prop shaft

Jehu Garcia goes to a VW Meeting

and joins EV West, Michael Bream, his wife and ...

Back home, he shows us his work on the house consumer unit and the 240V circuit he added

for his VW Samba charger

He made his own beefy cable

50A Anderson connector

Something is coming ...

GEVCU V4 ....

Karmann Ghia ....

Jack plays with grid tie and regular inverters

Jack has not worn a T-Shirt since 1969...
J: Does this make my ass look big ?
B: No Honey, it doesn't  :-)

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