Sunday, November 10, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - November 1, 2013

- VW Battery Research
- Jehu Garcia and the HPEVS Curtis 1238 TuneUp
- Mark EMon's 914 

2nd Model S fire in Mexico

Tesla SuperCharger Network expanding ...

Tesla Model S in Germany

Volkswagen e-up!

LiFePO4 battery chemistry explained in depth by VW

VW Battery Research Lab

The cells

New Electric

Some Delta figures

New Website address:

Jehu Garcia is back for more work on his VW Samba e-Bus : 
- Brake Transducer
- Curtis Controller tuning

Driving to Ontaria, CA, to Curtis HQ for the controller tuning

Live controller tuning while driving

Regen test downhill

Karmann Ghia: new brake parts

Mark EMon's Porsche 914 Electric

Too much battery weight makes the front sink

911 "A" arms, with bigger torsion bars, 19mm instead of 17.5mm

DC-DC converter always on drains the whole pack ...

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