Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY ESS - Powering the Electric Train !

Winter is here and it is the perfect time to take the Electric Train out of the closet and play with the kids in a warm home

My daughter is actually discovering since I did not use it for years, since she was to young; She seems to like it :-)

Helped by a little bit of solar, our home DIY ESS is providing power to the whole home, for heating, cooking, lighting, ... and even for the Electric Train !

Just starting with a small circuit

Yes, I put a solar panel on the train station roof, back 7 years ago - used for lighting -

A bit dusty, but still fine

Many rails in there, we did some big circuits years ago with up to 4 trains, including a TGV Est, the very first version of the famous French high speed train of the 80s 

Stay tuned ...

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