Saturday, November 2, 2013

DIY ESS - Adjusting to Heat Pump Power Consumption while Heating the Apartment

Daily iPhone remote ESS follow up:

Shots of the 2 Wattson units, displaying Generated Power - Solar & ESS - on the left and Net Usage on the right, while our Daikin Heat Pump is heating up 

As a reminder, now in cold days, I use the Forced Charge Mode to charge the ESS at night when Electrcity is twice cheaper than during the day, and we use our stored Energy along with Solar during the day ... Capacity Shifting & Peak Shaving ... 

Here the heat pump is isung more and more Power - gradually - and the ESS is putting out more and more Power too, to compensate 

Heating stopped, and now the ESS will downgrade the Power Output 

And we are back to a Net Usage close to 0W - and slightly positive -

Graph details with Wattson Anywhere

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