Thursday, November 28, 2013

DIY ESS - 30% OFF for Black Friday Sale and During the Whole Holiday Season !

Black Friday & Holiday Season SALE !

I am lowering the price tag of the DIY ESS Kit #1 by 30% from 490 EUR to 349 EUR only

still Free Shipping ...

Energy Storage is getting cheaper and cheaper .... now under 500 USD ... 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rail Expo 2013, Windmills, and a Solar Powered Train Station

Today, I went with the kids to Rail Expo 2013, one of the biggest European exhibition about models trains

Beautiful sets ...

Very realistic

Several sets had rotating windmills ... reflecting country side new landscape ...

Back home, at night, I realized that the station I built years ago, on which I added a Solar Panel, Batteries, and LED lighting, did not work anymore ...

Underneath is the battery pack, wires, ON/OFF switch and 2 LEDs bulbs, one for the inside, one for the passengers waiting on the platform outside

This is the LED pocket flashlight used from Nature & Decouvertes

Seven of eight years ago, after building this station model, I added solar on the roof for lighting using a LED flashing light components; I guess this was my very first solar experience:-)

I will probably have to replace these batteries ...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY ESS - Powering the Electric Train !

Winter is here and it is the perfect time to take the Electric Train out of the closet and play with the kids in a warm home

My daughter is actually discovering since I did not use it for years, since she was to young; She seems to like it :-)

Helped by a little bit of solar, our home DIY ESS is providing power to the whole home, for heating, cooking, lighting, ... and even for the Electric Train !

Just starting with a small circuit

Yes, I put a solar panel on the train station roof, back 7 years ago - used for lighting -

A bit dusty, but still fine

Many rails in there, we did some big circuits years ago with up to 4 trains, including a TGV Est, the very first version of the famous French high speed train of the 80s 

Stay tuned ...

EVTV Friday Show - November 15, 2013

- Karmann Ghia drive train and transmission considerations.
- Jehu Garcia to build laptop battery bank.
- Damien Maguire adaptor plate.

Damien Maguire is making his own adaptor plate !

A new transmission for the Karmann Ghia project

Anne Kloppenborg is replacing cells in an old VW Beetlle conversion using BMS and top balancing ... these cells were showing negative voltage ... That's why this is not the way to go

Jehu Garcia would like to build his own battery pack from recycled laptop cells, Tesla style !

Paulo is working on the GEVCU 4 with wireless

Arduino IDE

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