Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meet Tesla’s HQ Supercharging Dashboard, Most Model S “Fills” Between 30 kWh and 40 kWh

Here is something we didn’t expect to see at Tesla’s HQ – a Supercharging dashboard that pretty much tells us everything we always wanted to know about the network…in real time!

The dashboard displays all the current and coming soon location in the US for Tesla Supercharging, as well as lots of other interesting tidbits. And something you can’t find hosted online.

Here are some highlights as of when this picture was shot last week:
Total Energy Delivered: 1,382,822 kWh
Miles Charged: 3,950,921
Gallons of Gas Offset: 158,307
Numer of Charges In Last 7 Days: 1,576

The dashboard also shows the growth rate in the usage of the supercharger system as well as the usage per station. In total, 32 active Supercharging locations are being ranked in real time on the dashboard (Tesla website currently lists only 30).

Overall the best performing stations can be found in Fremont (as one would assume it would be located by the Tesla factory), with Hawthorne nipping at its toes. Worst performing station? Glenwood Springs, CO.

As of interest: The most popular amount of charging done at a station also appears to be between 30kWh and 40 kWh, with 20kWh-30kWh coming in second and 40 kWh- 50 kWh third.

Source: Inside EVs

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