Monday, October 7, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - September 28, 2013

- Michael Neuweiler with first spin of Brusa motor/inverter using GEVCU.
- Brian Noto and Jamie Frederick with more Karman Ghia rust than you can imagine.
- Jack Rickard does 18 holes of terror with a Club Car Precedent under lithium power.
- Anne Kloopenberg and Kevin Zacher in "Romance in Das Little Red Electric Boot"

News and red wine tasting

Last VW Bus out of the Brazilian factory

Karman Ghia: A bit rusty ...

Air Conditioning equipement fitting

Nice work James !

News from Switzerland with ICE removal and Brusa AC Motor & Controller testing with the GEVCU

New Electric promotional video shooting

Professional shooting

Beautiful shots ...

Anne has the EV grin, always !

Jack is creating a Golf Cart "drop-in" LiFePO4 Battery Pack to make them lighter, longer lasting, more powerful ...

Keep the same charger, yes the Lead Acid Charger !

Size the CALB CA60FI pack based on the Original Charger's specifications

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