Sunday, October 27, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - October 18, 2013

- More New Electric Boats.
- Jehu Garcia's Samba Van. 
- EV4U Vanagon Doka Electric. 
- Karmann Ghia Electric Progress on electric heat and electric air conditioning.

Formula E : Renault chassis and Mc Laren working on beefy controllers and motors

The flexible 3mm thick Solar Panel arrived and is carried in the Online Store
More here:

Gigavac Contactor in the Store also, for the first time

New Electric Commercial

EV4U Custom Conversion & the VW Double Cab Transporter conversion

Jehu Garcia's VW Samba update

Burned Contactor !

Karmann Ghia adventure continues ...

5kW Heating element in the Hot Start System

Bottom Balancing James !

Pre-Charging of the big DMOC 645 capacitors was the cause to the Tyco Kilovac weldings few weeks ago ... and should be taken care of in the GEVCU itself, although Jack found a solution using an automotive relay and a big resistor ...

Improvement on the Golf Cart replacement battery pack Jack has been working on: He actually shows us the first connector he Likes :-)

That would be cool ... Testing the New flexible solar panels on his Cadillac bed cover

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