Sunday, October 13, 2013

DIY ESS - First Full Night of Forced Charge Mode and the next day

After moving the ESS, now in the living room, we were ready to use the Forced Charge Mode all night long for the first time

Right after a good movie with the kids

Nikita: Always good to watch a good Luc Besson movie

At 10:30PM, when the low rate period starts, I just pushed the Control Board pushbutton for 4 seconds and the ESS went into Forced Charge Mode, switching all the Chargers on 

As you can see on the graph, after the water heater is done, only the ESS is on and using around 500W and was shut down at 6:30AM, end of the low rate period, using a regular AC timer, as the battery pack was almost full, its voltage showing 26.7V

Sunday morning, with a full pack the ESS helped a lot with the heating (Daikin heat pump),  breakfast, etc all along the morning and some lunch

This is the overview at the end of the day: We covered quite a bit of our Usage with the ESS and the Solar (sunny day for once)

And tonight, I will switch the ESS to Forced Charge Mode again ... in one hour exactly, before going to bed 

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