Friday, October 18, 2013

Daikin Heat Pump Air Conditioning Big Maintenance

This morning, another visit included in my maintenance contract with the company that installed our Daikin Heat Pump back in 2008

It was a "big" maintenance said the technician when I saw him completely remove the internal units white plastic casing, times 5 units, checking, measuring, and cleaning everything

First time I see a technician do this ... and First time I see this bare units

Oops, this is the cause of a small leak during Air Conditioning mode in summer (not used a lot) and a water drain pipe cut in two : He realized that during the installation, technicians did use two pips instead of one to evacuate condensed water and linked them together with a small rigid tube inside: a small part of the water was leaking from there; He fixed this with two nylon straps tightly wrapped around each ending

His toolbox

After going downstairs to clean our bedroom unit, the technician came back up and asked me what these meters were - the Wattson units I have downstairs, in the stairs, and upstairs on the ESS -, so I explained everything along with the Solar on the roof and the ESS, opened the doors to show him the inside; He was very interested and I was happy to show him and talk about it :-) 

and the live graph that goes with it on the iPad

He then went on the roof to check the main/external unit that is mounted on an unused chimney stack 

and, since he was up there, I handed him a meter and asked if he could measure for me the South-East Side of the roof where I originally wanted to have most of the Uni-Solar PVL-68 Solar panels mounted: He said: 4 zinc roof pieces are 3.40m in length on either side of the roof access opening/window, so that means I could get 4 more PVL68 panels - since they measure only 3m long - and have them mounted there for additional Solar Power, and these ones would benefit from the best orientation ... to be continued ...

(The measured free and South located pieces of zinc roof are located on the right of this picture)

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