Friday, October 11, 2013

BMW i3 - Test Drive, Tour, TV Show, and Production Video

Well, in exactly one month, on November 14th, I should be behind the wheel of a newly built i3 at a BMW dealer; Check out their email received few minutes ago :    

Like the LEAF two years ago, the i3 will be on a Tour around France, starting in Paris, then going to Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and finally Marseille

Tomorrow, our "French Top Gear" Turbo will be focused on the BMW i3, with an exclusive in depth 30 minutes TV show :

If you miss it there is a replay for a week I think, all French, but could be interesting, if they don't try to go from Paris to Lyon with it of course ... like other journalists did and shown on France this week with a Renault Zoe

Warning: Listening to this preview, Dominique Chapatte says he will also test drive the Tesla Model S, so I think I will definitely watch this one on sunday - for once, because I usually never do - 

Finally, at the bottom of this email, BMW gives a direct link to a video of the i3 production factory in Leipzig, Germany, started mid september:

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