Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2 More Wattson arrive from the UK ... Again ??!!

Sorry, I got 2 Wattson from UK again ... It must be a kind of disease :-)

Actually there should have been another one coming at the beginning of september and it looks like it has been "lost" in transit - great, 70 EUR wasted ...- 

These ones were not that expensive, I got them in the last seconds of their auction each time ...

1st Wattson

Old screw version Transmitter, but with a 9V DC Input - no lid, where did it go ? -

This one must have been in a kitchen for years because it was kind sticky ... I had to clean it up myself with alcohol ... I would never ship something like this - incredible - 

Now it is clean and you can not tell the difference 
Pairing it with the Transmitter

2nd Wattson

Got it cheap too, but in much better condition: Bow, manuals, everything is CLEAN !

Old version of the Transmitter, Red antenna, screws, no DC 9V input

Everything has been re-boxed like new, that's more like I would do

After finding 2 UK to EU power adapters, we are ready to go

The 2 simple actions to pair a new - or used actually - Wattson unit: Depress the Transmitter button for few seconds until the red LED is solid, ...

... then you have 60s to go to the Wattson unit(s) and depress its pushbutton too, or insert a pin in the middle top hole and depress, until it says "PAIRING SUCCESSFULL"

Now that they are paired with the Transmitter, they display Usage or Used Power

This one in the back, the dirty one, had a really flat battery pack, it would not display anything until it was charged - strange ?? -

DIY Kyoto Ltd

There it is, displaying  the Usage

After plugging them in my Mac, and launching Holmes2, I enabled their Generated Power logging, so now they can display GENERATED POWER and NET POWER too;

Back view with the COLORS and NUMBERS mode: These are old units because they glow orange when the Net Usage is Negative, meaning Generation > Usage 

After, I brought down the Silver one and arranged them like this for few days: 
LEFT : Usage
RIGHT : Generation (= Solar + ESS)
TOP : Net Usage (Usage - Generation) 

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