Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wattson & Habitat Milk : Same Design and more ...

I realized that from the very beginning, but only now I am writing something about it

This is a Clock from Habitat, the famous furniture store from London, UK, created by Terence Conran - Conran Shop & more -
I got it when Clément was a baby, back in 2002, in an Habitat store here because I like its design, now it is in Béa's bedroom used as a simple clock

It is made of a nice white plastic, semi see through, you can see big digital numbers and it has random LED lighting colours inside the top part .... 

Do you see any similarities with a certain Wattson now maybe ?

Time, Alarm, Snooze, and LED lighting Switch

Side DC power supply input

This is the LED lighting: in the dark it is really nice, changing color smoothly every 3 seconds or so

This is the original box : it says: " LED Alarm clock with colour changing night light "

Conclusion: The DIY Kyoto members, when first designing Wattson probably got a lot of inspiration from this Habitat Clock, which is a great thing because the result is awesome - IMO - :-)

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