Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Probably one of the first Wattson Special Editions arrived in the mail ... Unboxing ...

Spotted on eBay UK at 50 GBP two weeks ago, I got this unusual Wattson unit with a very special Graphic Design ...  Unboxing ...

Asking more about this Wattson to its British seller, especially where and when she got it, she answered this:

Strange: sent from Barcelona, probably the sender was on vacation there

Well packaged

Wattson ...

Neat box

Surprise !

Check out this Design ...

Cool uh ?

Do you notice anything special in the accessories ?

It must be one of the first editions, because the transmitter locks with screws and there is no DC power supply input, it is only battery operated

Reset it right away and Paired it with my home transmitter

Waited for few minutes (?) and it finally displayed something

Glows orange (not green) when there is a Solar Surplus, like on the Silver Lining edition (below)

The only display options are, for now, Money and Usage

Downstairs, on top of the ESS, displaying Usage

Middle: Solar Generation, Right: Net Usage

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