Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Wattson Special Edition - Set up with New Holmes2 Software

Last night I finally connected this New Special Edition Wattson to the New Holmes2 software from Energeno; Last time I posted something about Wattson, Mark Elliott reminded me of this recent update, and since I do not use it anymore, I downloaded it from their website

It has been completely revamped and looks a lot like the Wattson Anywhere Portal I beta tested since last year

I used my netbook for that, the Mac being used by someone else at home

First things first: Connect the Wattson unit to the PC with a USB cable

Here is the front page of the new Holmes2

At the bottom left, the 3 interesting values, updated in real time - I like that - : Usage, Generation, Net Usage  - measured, measured, calculated -

When going to the Account tab, the Wattson unit is listed

and clicking Wattson Settings, I get a popup to change all this - see below - and what I want to tchange here is the ability to log Generated Power - from my solar system and ESS that is - which is always unchecked by default

Done: it is checked for Generation / Production

Now the new things ... : A lot more languages and currencies are now available, and it looks like Wattson is going to be more international than before :-)
I can choose USD, Yen,  Pesos, etc

Also the Mains Voltage can be changed here (!) , and for me it is by default 240V (UK original setting)
I tried to set the US Voltage of 110V 

and then Dollars

Finally applied the settings and the GENERATED POWER mode shows up when I tilt Wattson

Tilting again, NET USAGE shows up, all I wanted here

First time I see USD currency on a Wattson :-), cool 

Orange LED lighting for Generation : This is an old version ...

I then unplugged it from the USB cable

and it dumped (oops)

Let's restart, BTW this is the new icon 

and the loading page I missed the first time, whith updated company name Energeno - instead of DiyKyoto -

Welcome message

My ESS is working well ... NET USAGE = - 2W

Another look at the 3 figures at the bottom left

Now trying Yen currency

Russian Roupy


Danish Krone 

Then back to EUR, where I will leave it even if I do not use the Currency Display Mode

Cooking is in progress, and the ESS is doing its job

For now I leave it here on top of the ESS, with the others

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