Sunday, September 15, 2013

New : LiFePO4 DIY ESS Technical Diagram

Just added this diagram to the newly created 'How does it Work ?' page on my DIY ESS Kit blog, after a French person requested a technical overview of the system; Good suggestion, thanks !


  1. Seems that AC-mains and PV/Solar clouds are switched. No need to charge from mains and put power to PV/Solar cloud. Or I have totally lost here

  2. Hi Harg,

    Well, no: the ESS chargers are using Mains to charge, and the ESS grid tie inverters are pushing back power into the Solar/Wind Junction box, are both Productions are measured there.
    It is just a diagram to show and simplify for understanding, but in reality, everything is connected: Mains is hard wired with Solar Generation, and the ESS ties with all these: it is the home electricity network

    1. Sorry I meant: "AND both Productions are measured there."

  3. Got idea, it's tricky at first glance, but when imagine virtually missing parts everything falls into place.
    Nice piece of work!!


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