Friday, September 6, 2013

Found a good spot for my New Special Edition Wattson

The Wattson Special Edition is now in the stairs ... I can see Net Usage even when sitting at my desk and online on the Mac

- Video below -

BTW did you notice the motion detection LED lights in the stairs, simple and efficient at night, there is one in each corner - 4 total, but I will make a special video and post on my LED lighting in the entire apartment -
They are battery operated and these are charged from solar when empty ...

The DC power supply is plugged right next to it, with a UK to European adaptor

Negative display: the ESS will trigger another 92W charger to use this Surplus and remain in Blue - low consumption, see the video below -

Exact width ...

The 9V power supply cable fits right behind the inter-step support 

And now, even better with the Colours in the back

Keep it blue ... that's what the ESS does all day long

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