Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Fast Charge in Details at Ikea using a CHAdeMO Charging Station

Welcome to IKEA Vélizy ...

I see Green paint on the ground ...

Here it is: the CHAdeMO charging station is next to an Autolib charging station

This is DBT CEV DC & AC Charging Station

CHAdeMO side 

The previous charge information is still displayed on the screen: 80%, 31mn, 14.8kWh

RFid activation badge required ?

Yazaki CHAdeMO Connector : DC 500V, 120A, CE, TUV

I know I do not need to charge, but I really wanted to try DC Fast Charge for the first time 

Plugged in !

Charging Station is synchronizing with the vehicle

Red light on top of the CHAdeMO connector and I heard contactors close in the Charging Station and in the LEAF

Charging ...

Charging in process

What is interesting is that the screen displays Volts & Amps : 394Vx 26A = 10,244W , 10kW pushed into the LEAF; since the battery pack state of charge is above 80%, the charge rate is decreased to preserve the cells life

2 minutes later: 393V x 23A = 9,039W , 9kW, going down

After 7mn of charge: 393V x 21A = 8,253W , 8kW

At 9mn: 393V x 17A = 6,681W , 6.7kW

Pressing the Stop Charge button, I then decided to terminate the process because it was starting to rain, and I had seen enough

Charge summary: SOC 95%, 9mn, 1.9kWh

Contactor open, Red light is Off, I can now disconnect the Yazaki handle

1 bar on the Energy Level, which is equivalent to 2kWh (12 bars for 24kWh)

No heat on the Temperature gage

Bye IKEA, and Thanks for the free Charge !


On my way back to Boulogne, there was this Mitsubishi i-MiEV / Peugeot iOn

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