Friday, September 6, 2013

e-Solex will be Made in France again soon

It was in the news yesterday, EasyBike Group, the company who took over the e-Solex brand name, after the maker of the e-Solex designed by Pininfarina back in 2006, will be manufacturing them in France, relocalising the production after Italy and China.

It is a good sign and I am happy that this cool little Electric Scooter will still be available; I rode two of them to commute and go to Paris on week ends for more than two years, but had to sell them last year; They were great in the city !

e-Solex current version PDF

Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg visited their new office in Aubervilliers, close to Paris, and got to ride one of their Electric Bikes along with EasyBike Group CEO Grégory Trebaol, surrounded by journalists

A 2006 video presenting the e-Solex

More on the e-Solex website here

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