Thursday, August 29, 2013

New - Bottom Balancer Rental : 19.90€ / week - Why buy and own one when you need it only once ?

After building my DIY ESS, I realized that my DIY Bottom Balancer was not being used anymore; Of course, Bottom Balancing of individual LiFePO4 cells has to be performed only once before connecting the cells into the desired voltage string for use - before the first charge actually -

Same thing, if you want to build an ESS, convert your Vectrix from NiMH to LiFePO4 - many do that themselves -, or any other LiFePO4 based project, you will need to go through this step - see why below -

You will do the Bottom Balancing of all your cells and then, never gain ... So why buy and own an expensive piece of equipment for nothing ?

That is why I decided to provide a new service: The Bottom Balancer Rental, for 19.90€ / week, excluding shipping period, so you have a full week of use of it, plenty of time to empty your cells, then return the device to me

Why is Bottom Balancing mandatory ?

Read : LiFePO4 Battery Charging Method - Don't Ruin your Expensive Cells !

Bottom Balancing the DIY ESS CALB CA180FI Cells

Bottom Balancer video

Does it work ?

Yes, I have used this device on 3 different LiFePO4 Battery packs, with 2 different cells brands

How do I use it ?

I will provide a PDF documentation by email to the persons renting it

Interested ?

Start renting my Bottom Balancer Now:


NB: Shipping costs not included

NB: To prevent problems, I will charge an extra 100 EUR as a security deposit, refunded when the Bottom Balancer comes back to me

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