Thursday, August 29, 2013

Global Nissan LEAF Sales Zip Past 75,000

As you’re reading this, sales of the Nissan LEAF are whizzing past 75,000 units globally.

Nissan has yet to shoot out an official announcement on this milestone achievement, but we know it to be the case that LEAF sales now exceed 75,000.

75,000 and counting, of course.

Nissan seems even more committed today to selling its LEAF to the masses.

As part of Nissan 360 (a month-long showcase of the latest breakthroughs in vehicle technology, sustainability and market expansion), the automaker will “re-emphasize its ambitions in zero-emission vehicles, where it is the global market leader thanks to the LEAF, the best-selling electric vehicle in history,” says Nissan.

How successful is the Nissan LEAF? To date, Nissan has sold more LEAFs than all other pure electric vehicle combined. How’s that for success?

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Source: Inside EVs

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