Wednesday, August 28, 2013

GE Energy Storage - Energy Management for the Modern Age

General Electric's vision of Energy Storage:

"Access to cost-effective and reliable power is essential in today‘s world. For some users, access to highly reliable power that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is critical. Durathon Batteries are a safer, reliable and low maintenance technology that provide effective back-up power for users while saving them money on their energy bill.

In contrast to other backup applications, the Durathon Battery Energy Storage System can reduce a users’ energy bill while waiting for the grid to fail. Utilizing Durathon Battery’s superior cycle performance, the system reduces a user’s daily peak demand load by peak shaving, or smoothing out their energy consumption. For many users, demand response charges can be a significant component of their electricity costs and leveling energy loads across a day provides real savings. When the grid falters, Durathon Batteries are ready to provide hours of backup power supply.

For owners looking to integrate renewable sources into their building’s power supply or roll out electric vehicle charges, the Durathon Battery Energy Storage System is the ideal choice. Durathon Batteries have an extremely small footprint and require minimal maintenance, ensuring that the system is cost effective to install and operate. With the capability to be fully integrated into an existing building energy management system, Durathon Battery technology’s superior storage capability helps ensure renewable power supply is balanced with building loads, and congestion and peak demands caused by excess EV charging are decreased.

Micro-grids, whether located on a true geographical island or simply isolated within a building complex, present unique energy challenges such as high diesel costs, renewable integration or the need for black-start capability. For such applications, Durathon Batteries provide smart energy management options to maximize efficiency and lower costs.

Due to the lack of alternate energy sources, micro-grid operators often rely heavily on diesel generators, despite expensive operating costs and slow response times. Most generators are not run at maximum efficiency, which leads to cost and maintenance issues. By using Durathon Battery’s superior cycling capacity in hybrid mode, it is possible to increase the fuel efficiency of the micro-grid by up to 40%, reducing costs and resource usage through better management of fuel deliveries. Durathon Battery technology also provides backup power and black-start capability to get the micro-grid back up and running if the generator fails.

Durathon Batteries’ scalable design means more modules can be added to the micro-grid for renewable integration. Its high-energy capacity also ensures that renewable power is used effectively and efficiently."

Source: GE Energy Storage

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