Thursday, August 22, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - August 16, 2013

- EVCCON 2013
  - VW Thing first roll and dynomometer test
  - HPEVS shows 152 HP Corvette with AC35x2

- High current NMC Battery Test

EVCCON 2013 debriefing

Oops, Norvegian Ferry on fire because of a charging EV conversion using a BMS ... (few years ago, now these conversions are forbidden in Norway)

REAP Systems: They could not attend EVCCON 2013 so they sent a video to Jack on Battery Terminal Cleaning / Corrosion Protection

EV West won almost everything at EVCCON 2013 bringing their killer 1995 BMW M3 with twin Warp 11 Motors 

Jack is testing the new NMC Battery with High Discharges

A new intern at EVtv from Australia, he came to EVCCON and simply asked JAck to stay and work with him for a few months, which he accepted :-)

=> Results: 2 cells killed during Ultra High Discharge Tests :-(

Some more EVCCON 2013 videos

Jason Horak's 1987 Dodge Daytona EV on the drag way

VW Things running against each other

Porsche 911 Electric on the dyno

Jack's Electric VW THING is rolling, and drag racing too

A new intern from Victoria, Australia : James Robert George Frederick

with Jack's (or Jack's wife's) Tesla Model S

Raymond Derkauf from New Electric / EVtv Europe in Amsterdam, colleague and friend of Anne Kloppenborg 

Bill Ritchie from HPEVS AC Motors was there too

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