Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY ESS - Today, big white clouds in the sky

Today, all day long, there were these big white clouds that let some sun pass, but not all of it, and this is what it did on my Solar Generation :

No more than 500W, on the Wattson Anywhere graph, even if I saw more than 600W few times around noon and early afternoon

As you can see, the ESS is doing a good job, collecting the surplus Power into the LiFePO4 Battery Bank and keeping it for re-use soon as the sun is now going down here ... Diner is coming, then some movie on TV, etc

Note that the ESS already help while cooking lunch, raising Total Production to almost 2000W, 500W from solar & 1500W from the ESS; It also did that for breakfast, and during the morning laundry

For more info on the DIY ESS, go to my other blog: 

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