Saturday, August 31, 2013

3rd Wattson arrives - Set up and Display

I just got my 3rd Wattson in the mail :-)
Another one, what for ? Well, at 40 EUR, 1/3rd of its value, I could not resist and get it ...

Here it is:
It is a UK version, because there is a UK to European plug adaptor
The transmitter has some splashes of what looks like renovation work, cleaned with a wet cloth
Transmitter batteries show sign of leakage, read 0.15V and one is negative, but it does not matter to me really, they will go to recycle right away

I plug it in right away and it does not read anything, which is normal since it is paired with this transmitter; I push a pin through the middle top hole of the display unit, put my home transmitter in pairing mode (pushing its button for 10 seconds), and it shows 'PAIRING', and few seconds later displays my home Usage ... Easy :-)

I tilt it, and it shows the Money / Spending in GBP, original unchanged settings from the factory; It does not show GENERATION, or NET USAGE, because this option has to be changed in the settings, through the Holmes Software (free download on Energeno / ex DiyKyoto website)

But for now, I just bring it downstairs to place it on the left with the others, so we now have from left to right: Usage, Generation (Solar & ESS), and Net Usage ( = Usage - Generation)

Interesting, isn't it ? Here are a few shots of this new set up while the Solar panels are still producing at bit in the evening

After a while, I turn on my netbook to change the 3rd Wattson settings

Holmes software loading

Drivers installing by themselves

Communication with the Wattson display unit is ready to work

Holmes proposes to download the 28 days of latest Wattson usage records held in its memory, but I skip that part

Now in the Settings / Options tab, I check 'Enable generated logging': by doing this, the display unit will offer the GENERATION & NET USAGE to be displayed

Save & Apply, and that's it

Now if I tilt Wattson, I get the GENERATION


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