Sunday, July 7, 2013

Uni-Solar PVL & SMA Sunny Boy - Home Solar Install Finished & Running :-)

My solar contractor, Ecogelec's boss, came today, sunday, before lunch time, to replace the defective SMA Sunny Boy 3000 Grid Tie Inverter by a brand new one, sent by SMA Technical Service few days before

After installing the new unit on its rack, replacing the MC4 connectors with Phoenix Contact ones, because this is what SMA is using now, it initialized with all the 3 LEDs on along with the 2 lines display, and performed well right away pushing between 8 and 900W for our first solar production :-)

From that moment, everything worked fine, I switched on my Energy Storage System (ESS) and it started charging as it should do when used power is lower than produced power, and it went on until close to 9:15 PM when the Sunny Boy stopped because of the sunset light becoming too weak ...

MC4 connectors had to be replaced by Phoenix Contact connectors

Phoenix Contact close up, no crimping tool required

We used a mirror to see the SMA Sunny Boy 3000 display

First Solar Production !! :-) and not bad at 850W

SMA Sunny Boy 3000 is on, completely silent,  and its top heat sink was luke warm the whole afternoon

I found a spot for Wattson transmitter: right on top of the utility meter
The Solar sub panel is now closed and Wattson sensor leads are coming out of it from the top

Then this board was put back in place and the kitchen cabinet can now be used almost like before, except for the upper storage part of course

The consumer unit is also closed now, after adding an outlet for Wattson transmitter

My ESS is on, in charger mode here, and the chargers are switched on to match the generation as close as possible
Production on the left, Net Usage (Usage - Production) on the right

Staying around 0W ... this is good

Production on the left, Net Usage (Usage - Production) on the right
Here the solar panel are pushing around 800W and the ESS - in GTI Mode at this moment - is pushing 570W, during cooking

And finally during sunset, the Generated Power declined slowly but stayed around 150 for a while at the end, still at 9PM,  - Here Wattson is set to indicate Generated Power -

This is the light I add at this moment around 9PM

until the SMA really quit around 9:15PM, Wattson indicating 0W

Wattson Anywhere power graphs for this first day of solar generation

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