Tuesday, July 30, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - July 19, 2013

- VW Thing bottom balancing and first charge
- BRUSA NLG513 Charger
- New vaccum pump & heater elements
- New 50Ah mystery cell

A new British intern, sent by John Hardy, until EVCCON

Amsterdam with Anne's kid working on the boat :-), in the steps of his father

Anne's 30s battery swap, faster than Elon's Model S 90s

Jack ordered few kit cars from the Netherlands

Testing a newly found quiet vaccum pump 

A mystery cell from China, that can do 20C (!?)

Jack recaps his VW Thing "GEVCU test bed" project

"The Raucher" (star), "an instant collectible !"

"Smoking is good for you" says Jack

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