Sunday, July 21, 2013

EV West M3 at ReFuel 2013 - 1st Place Conversion Class - Electric Car Race Laguna Seca

Here's the official timed lap for the EV West Electric M3 for the 2013 ReFuel SportElectric TT Conversion Class

Driven by Michael Bream, the final time is 1:49.036

The all electric M3 has 850 lb/ft of torque, 400kW of power and 47kWh of battery capacity

Matt Hauber of EV West takes Autoblog's Domenick Yoney out for a ride in the electric M3 at the 2013 ReFuel Races at Laguna Seca hosted by Speed Ventures

The EV West M3 ended up in first place in the conversion class with a lap time of 1:49.036

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